Title AJ June 2010
Photos of WPP demo's in various cities
Contents page
Editorial by Abid Hassan Minto
Editorial 2 - by Abid Hassan Minto
When Palestine will free?
29 March & Colonialism by Hamza Virk
Marxism in 21st century by Prof. Kalam Ashar
Nokery, a Poem by Masood Tahir
WPP CC meeting by Akhtar Hussain
A poem by Behzad Jazab
Awam Dushman Budget by Akhtar Hussain
Awam Dushman Budget by Ahtasham Akbar
WPP Lahore Demo against Budger
WPP Khanewal demo against Budget
WPP Islamabad Demi against Budget
WPP Lodhran Demo against Budget by Waqar H. Mehar
WPP Sanghar demo against Budget
WPP Faisalabad demo against Budget
WPP organised Trade Unions meeting in Sheikhupura
Bonded Labour demo against Bhata Owners
WPP Khanewal & visit by Zahoor Khan
Condolence by WPP Cheechawatni
WPP Islamabad & military operation
WPP meeting in Karachi by Abis Shakil Farooqi
WPP Okara & Depalpur meeting
Javed Akhter & Zahoor Khan Tour
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Title of Awami Jamhooriat June 2010